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Scotland - June 2005

Gwen on Edinburgh Tour Bus-Jun-18-2005

View of Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh-Jun-18-2005

Another View of Balmoral Hotel-Jun-18-2005

Jenners Department Store-Jun-18-2005

Gwen and Danny at Botanical Gardens-Jun-18-2005

Glass House at Royal Botanical Gardens-Jun-18-2005

Glass House Conservatory-Jun-18-2005

Inside Conservatory-Jun-18-2005

Monie and Danny inside Conservatory-Jun-18-2005


Botanical Gardens-Jun-18-2005

Irises at Garden-Jun-18-2005

Flowers on Garden Path-Jun-18-2005

Gwen and Danny-Jun-18-2005

Pigeons in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Squirrel in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Tree in Botanical Garden-Jun-18-2005

Pond in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Bridge in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Monie and Gwen on Bridge-Jun-18-2005

Pavilion in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Evergreen Shrub-Jun-18-2005


Danny in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Cloudy Sky-Jun-18-2005

Flowers in Rock Garden-Jun-18-2005

More Flowers in Garden-Jun-18-2005

Garden View-Jun-18-2005

Danny on Royal Yacht Britannia-Jun-18-2005

View of Firth of Forth from Yacht-Jun-18-2005

Queen's Sundeck on Britannia-Jun-18-2005

Prince Philip's Bedroom on Britannia (tiny!)-Jun-18-2005

Queen's Bedroom on Yacht-Jun-18-2005

Gwen and Danny on Yacht-Jun-18-2005

Gwen and Danny in some room on Yacht-Jun-18-2005

Dining Room on Britannia-Jun-18-2005

State Dining Room on Britannia-Jun-18-2005

Another view of State Dining Room (enormous)-Jun-18-2005

Another room on Yacht-Jun-18-2005

Family's Private Rooms-Jun-18-2005

Another view of private rooms-Jun-18-2005

Family Living Room on Yacht-Jun-18-2005

Boat Moored next to Britannia-Jun-18-2005

Family's Private Speedboat maybe--Jun-18-2005

Crew Quarters-Jun-18-2005

Different kinds of Knots-Jun-18-2005

Danny in Bar on Yacht-Jun-18-2005

More of Crew Quarters-Jun-18-2005

Arthur's Seat in Backgroud from Tour Bus-Jun-18-2005

Another View from Tour Bus-Jun-18-2005

View from Bus-Jun-18-2005

Another view of outcropping-Jun-18-2005

View from Bus-Jun-18-2005

Piper at entrance to Edinburgh Castle-Jun-18-2005

Another view of Piper-Jun-18-2005

People coming from Chapel at Castle-Jun-18-2005

Wedding Guests at Chapel-Jun-18-2005

View of Edinburgh from Castle-Jun-18-2005

Another View from Castle-Jun-18-2005

More views from Castle-Jun-18-2005

Pet Cemetary at Castle-Jun-18-2005

Cemetary for Soldiers Dogs at Castle-Jun-18-2005

Outside of Castle-Jun-18-2005

Interior of Castle Walls-Jun-18-2005

Pipers outside of Castle-Jun-18-2005

Pipers at top of Royal Mile-Jun-18-2005

More of the Pipers-Jun-18-2005

Monument on Princes Street-Jun-18-2005

Princes Street-Jun-18-2005

Gwen in front of Scott Monument on Princes Street-Jun-18-2005


View of Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street-Jun-18-2005

More views from Princes Street-Jun-18-2005

More Views-Jun-19-2005

Another View-Jun-19-2005

Stirling Castle-Jun-19-2005

More of the Castle-Jun-19-2005

Back part of Castle-Jun-19-2005

Robert the Bruce Monument at Stirling Castle-Jun-19-2005

Robert the Bruce-Jun-19-2005

Wallace Monument in background at Stirling-Jun-19-2005

Inside Walls at Stirling Castle-Jun-19-2005

Another view inside Stirling Castle-Jun-19-2005

Birds of Prey Show at Stirling-Jun-19-2005


View of Stirling from Castle-Jun-19-2005

Garden at Castle-Jun-19-2005

Bridge at Stirling-Jun-19-2005

Wallace Monument-Jun-19-2005

Entrance to Culzean in Ayr-Jun-20-2005

Entrance to Culzean Castle-Jun-20-2005


Culzean Castle in Ayr-Jun-20-2005

Another Exterior view of Culzean-Jun-20-2005

Danny at Culzean-Jun-20-2005


Really Neat Statue at Culzean-Jun-20-2005

Seaview from Culzean-Jun-20-2005

Another view of sea from Culzean-Jun-20-2005

Back side of Culzean-Jun-20-2005

Gardens at Culzean-Jun-20-2005

Another Garden View-Jun-20-2005

Gwen and Danny in Conservatory at Culzean-Jun-20-2005

View of Culzean from Garden-Jun-20-2005

Garden Border-Jun-20-2005

Garden Path-Jun-20-2005

Graden Path-Jun-20-2005



Ship in harbor at Scottish town-Jun-21-2005

Scottish View-Jun-21-2005

Another View-Jun-21-2005

Princes Street in Edinburgh-Jun-21-2005

Another view from Princes Street-Jun-21-2005

Another View-Jun-21-2005


Church Tower-Jun-21-2005

Cemetary behind Church-Jun-21-2005

Another view of the Cemetary-Jun-21-2005

View from Train-Jun-22-2005

View from Train-Jun-22-2005

View from Museum-Jun-22-2005

Danny on Rooftop of Museum-Jun-22-2005

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