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Mona Quinn's Lake House - April 14, 2007

Dining Room Table and Chairs-Apr-14-2007

Dining Room Table-Apr-14-2007


Sleeper Sofa in Study-Apr-14-2007

Desk and Credenza in Study-Apr-14-2007

Family Room-Apr-14-2007

Antique Pembroke Table-Apr-14-2007

Armoire in Family Room-Apr-14-2007

Breakfast Area-Apr-14-2007


Daybed in Sunroom-Apr-14-2007

Chair and Ottoman-Apr-14-2007

Table and Bookcase in Sunroom-Apr-14-2007

Guest Bath-Apr-14-2007

Foyer and Dining Room-Apr-14-2007

Hallway between Kitchen and Dining Room-Apr-14-2007

Master Bedroom-Apr-14-2007

View towards Master Bath-Apr-14-2007

Master Bath Shower and Tub-Apr-14-2007

Floor in Master Bath-Apr-14-2007

Vanity in Master Bath-Apr-14-2007

Prints in Master Bath-Apr-14-2007


Front Yard by Entrance and Garage-Apr-14-2007

Front View of Urn-Apr-14-2007

Front Yard Look towards street-Apr-14-2007

Welcome Mat from Mike and Liz Thomas-Apr-14-2007

Front Yard in Front of Garage-Apr-14-2007

Side Yard Towards Neighbor's House-Apr-14-2007

Front and Side towards end of Street-Apr-14-2007

Front Yard towards new Home Construction-Apr-14-2007

Front View of House-Apr-14-2007

Side View of Cedars towards Back-Apr-14-2007

Deck Stairs-Apr-14-2007

Patio and Fireplace-Apr-14-2007

Table and Chairs on Pation-Apr-14-2007

Back View towards Lake-Apr-14-2007

Lake View with Dock Roof-Apr-14-2007

Shrubs in Back-Apr-14-2007

Back View from Path to Mother's House-Apr-14-2007

Back View2-Apr-14-2007

Steps from Mother's Leading to Dock-Apr-14-2007

Back Side view of Shrubs-Apr-14-2007

Side view from Back towards Garage-Apr-14-2007

Pink Azaleas-Apr-14-2007

View towards Garage-Apr-14-2007

View from Driveway towards Back-Apr-14-2007

Front View towards Road-Apr-14-2007

View from End of Driveway-Apr-14-2007

Front View-Apr-14-2007

Front View2-Apr-14-2007

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