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Mona Quinn's Lake House - November 25, 2006

Liz, Mike, Raymond, and Monte-Nov-4-2006

Bed in master bedroom-Nov-11-2006

Bed in master bedroom-Nov-11-2006

Scout in new sod on side of house-Nov-25-2006

Fireplace in Master Bedroom with Christmas decorations-Nov-25-2006

Family Room with Christmas decorations-Nov-25-2006

Decorated Mantel in Family Room-Nov-25-2006

Christmas Tree in Dining Room-Nov-25-2006

Santa collection on top of Armoire-Nov-25-2006

Scottish Nutcrackers and Santas-Nov-25-2006

Boo and Scout on Front Porch-Nov-25-2006

Scout and Boo-Nov-25-2006

Another Scout and Boo-Nov-25-2006


Another of Scout-Nov-25-2006

Scout and Boo-Nov-25-2006

Boo and Scout-Nov-25-2006

Lake View from Front Porch-Nov-25-2006

Espaliered Camellia-Nov-25-2006

Lake View from Driveway-Nov-25-2006

Another Lake View-Nov-25-2006

Front View of House-Nov-25-2006

View of Cove in Back-Nov-25-2006

View from Deck by Master Bedroom-Nov-25-2006

View of new sod in back-Nov-25-2006

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