(Web page last updated: April 1, 2006)

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Mona Quinn's Lake House

Lake House Front View-Apr-01-2006

Lake House Front View2-Apr-01-2006

Cove in Back-Apr-01-2006

Cove in Back2-Apr-01-2006

Master Bedroom corner-Apr-01-2006

Master Bedroom fireplace-Apr-01-2006

View from Dining Room-Apr-01-2006

Master Bath-Apr-01-2006

Living room-Bedroom-Sunroom-Apr-01-2006

Family Room-Apr-01-2006

Front View of Monie's house-Apr-01-2006

Rear View-Apr-01-2006

View of Monie's house from side stree-Apr-01-2006

View of Monie's house from neighbor-Apr-01-2006

View down Mother's Driveway-Apr-01-2006

Neighbor House on Side Street-Apr-01-2006

View between two houses-Apr-01-2006